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Brushy Creek State Preserve

270th Street

Brushy Creek State Preserve is located in Brushy Creek Recreation Area, a 6,500-acre public area in Webster County located twenty miles southeast of Fort Dodge. During environmental studies conducted as part of a controversial proposal to construct a 1,000-acre recreational lake, a portion of the area was discovered to contain sig­nifi­cant geological exposures, archaeological sites, and habitat for the woodland vole, a state-threatened species. In 1988, a 260-acre portion of the recreation area was dedicated as a geological, archaeological, and biological state preserve. A 700-acre lake was later completed upstream from the preserve. Geologically, the scenic Brushy Creek valley, located within the Des Moines Lobe landform region, contains a remarkable record of 11,000 years of history in its alluvial terraces, benches, and apronlike fan deposits. These features display the effects of glacial melting from the Des Moines Lobe as well as the rapid deepening of the nearby Des Moines River valley. In addition, erosion by Brushy Creek has revealed stratigraphic deposits of a pre–Des Moines Lobe landscape. This geologic record, seen nowhere else in northern Iowa, provides important insights into the evolution of the Iowan Erosion Surface. Fossil wood and plant materials found here are dated at 37,000 years and indicate the presence of a spruce forest similar to the Canadian boreal forest of today


James Miranda

Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018
Beautiful park! Very clean and quiet. Also probably the best shower I've ever taken while camping. Heck it's probably better than one I've taken at a hotel even. We will be back.

Eric Hofmann

Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Throughly impressed with this state park. Great access via paved roads. Awesome trails and camping throughout the park. And, awesome access for fishing from the shore as well as several boat launch areas. If you're in the area - take the time to check this park out. It's a beautiful gem in my opinion!

HH&L Properties

Saturday, May 19, 2018
Huge park. Nicely laid out. Equine South has lots of trees, large electric sights. Clean restrooms and showers. Great place to camp!

Skip Baldwin

Sunday, July 15, 2018
It's a all around good place to go. You can ride horses and mountain biking and hiking and camping and fishing and hunting

Paula Lo

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Great fishing spot. needs more paved roads and signage, but if you're local you'll find your way.

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