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Doolittle Prairie State Preserve

Doolittle Prairie State Preserve
560th Avenue

Doolittle Prairie State Preserve is located in the Des Moines Lobe region and contains a native tallgrass prairie remnant dotted with seasonal marshes. Hay used to be harvested in the north 15 acres of the preserve, but it has never been plowed or grazed. The southwest was plowed in the past but has since been reseeded. There are almost 220 native plants on the preserve, and displays flowers from April to October. Sprintime forbs include yellow stargrass and violet wood sorrel and summertime brings blooms like spotted water hemlock and ironweed. There are 14 potholes on the preserve which support plant species like bulrush and sedges. Fall brings colorful flora like asters and rough blazing star. Hunting is permitted on the preserve, whose wildlife include 45 bird species, several mammals and 31 butterflies.

Doolittle Prairie was purchased in 1979 from the Doolittle family and dedicated as a biological and geological state preserve a year later.

Fees, permits, and reservations may apply.

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