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Evansburg State Park

Evansburg State Park
851 May Hall Rd

Evansburg State Park is in southcentral Montgomery County between Norristown and Collegeville. Evansburg offers a significant area of green space and relative solitude in an urbanized area.

Its main natural feature, the Skippack Creek, has dissected the land into ridges and valleys that create feelings of enclosures and provide scenic views.

The first European settlers were Mennonite farmers who powered their industries with the water of the Skippack. Even now, mill remnants, mill buildings, and houses from the eighteenth and nineteenth century dot the park landscape and serve as reminders of early American life.

Today, the park is a quilt work of cropland, meadows, old fields, and mature woodlands that attracts day use visitors from the Montgomery County and Philadelphia areas.

People come to the open play fields, picnic areas, trails, golf course, and the relatively tranquil, natural environs.

Hiking at Evansburg State Park

6 miles of trails

Most portions of the trails are easy walking with some sections of moderate difficulty.

Picnicking at Evansburg State Park

More than 150 picnic tables, many charcoal grills, and modern restrooms are located throughout the park. Visitors can enjoy a quiet setting along the Skippack Creek, or engage in family games like badminton, horseshoes, and Frisbee.

The Oaks and Pines picnic areas are on May Hall Road.

The Meadows Picnic Area is off Cedar Lane in the southern portion of the park.

Picnic Pavilions
This activity or structure is ADA accessible. Pavilion A holds 60 people. ADA accessible Pavilion B holds 200. Both may be reserved up to 11 months in advance for a fee. If not reserved, picnic pavilions are free on a first-come, first-served basis.

Wildlife Watching at Evansburg State Park

Evansburg State Park is forested by a combination of northern and southern hardwood types in various stages of growth. The blending of these types results in a remarkably wide variety of trees, wildflowers, habitats, and wildlife.

Early morning and evening hours are the best time to see deer, rabbits, and other wildlife. Please obey park regulations to protect park resources.

Poison Ivy
Poison ivy is common at Evansburg State Park. Every part of poison ivy can irritate your skin. The best prevention for getting poison ivy is to know what it looks like and to avoid it.

Poison ivy occurs in three forms:

Creeping groundcover

The best way to identify poison ivy is that each leaf stem has three leaflets. “Leaves of three, let it be.” The leaf can have a smooth or a ragged edge and may be light green or dark green and usually is shiny. In autumn, the leaves can be yellow, orange, red, and brown.

Poison ivy has flower clusters and berry clusters that start out green then turn white. Poison ivy vine is difficult to identify when it is small, but when it is old it is covered in brown rootlets that look like hair.

If you think you have encountered poison ivy, immediately wash with soapy water.

Fishing at Evansburg State Park

This activity or structure is ADA accessible. An ADA accessible fishing pier is in the picnic area off Cedar Lane.
Skippack Creek has spring trout fishing and warmwater fishing throughout the year.

The creek is stocked with brown and rainbow trout from pre-season to Memorial Day. Common species are:

Smallmouth bass
Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission regulations and laws apply.

Hunting at Evansburg State Park

During established seasons, more than 1,000 acres are open to:

Training of dogs
Common game species are:


Mountain Biking at Evansburg State Park

5 miles of trails

A five-mile mountain bike trail at the southern end of the park can be accessed at the trailhead on Fern Avenue.

Bicycles are permitted on paved roads that are open to vehicle traffic.

Bicycles are prohibited on all hiking and equestrian trails within the park.

Remember that the rules of the road also apply to bicycles.

Horseback Riding at Evansburg State Park

15 miles of trails

In addition to the 15 miles of designated trails, riders can also use the right side berm of public roads.

A trailhead parking lot for horse trailers is on Skippack Creek Road.

Golfing at Evansburg State Park

The picturesque, 18-hole, par 71, Skippack Golf Course includes a clubhouse and is open to the public

Softball at Evansburg State Park

A regulation softball field is available on Skippack Creek Road.

Cross-Country Skiing at Evansburg State Park

Most of the trails are open to cross-country skiing.

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