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Kolling Pharm

2031 2200 Ave

KOLLING PHARM, located just south of the rural town of Chapman, Kansas, specializes in breeding uniquely colored Ringnecks and now offering CONTROLLED SHOOTING AREAS(CSA) that are extremely popular with hunters in Kansas and surrounding areas! 

Just like we have done in Kansas since 2011 and 2012, we will continue to offer a HUGE variety of Ringnecks, Exotic Pheasants and Game Birds for the2013-2014 hunting season and for collectors of unique and Exotic Game Birds.

We have also shipped eggs and birds all over the United States (sorry no exports!). Kolling Pharm has quickly become known as a name you can trust!

We are best known for breeding Exotic Pheasants like those you would find in zoos and in the Aviaries of Exotic Pheasant Collectors.

We sell adult pairs, chicks and eggs when avaliable. These birds are slower maturing and do not lay too many eggs, so if you are looking for a particular variety, it is a good idea to order well in advance of the spring laying season.

We also raise different varieties of Quail, Peacocks, Guineas and other interesting birds and animals! 

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