Leesylvania State Park

2001 Daniel K. Ludwig Drive

Leesylvania is nestled along the tidal shores of the historic Potomac River. Native Americans lived on this land for thousands of years. Capt. John Smith visited the area in 1608 on his voyage of discovery. It's also the ancestral home of Virginia's legendary Lee and Fairfax families. Listed on the National Register of Historic Landmarks, Leesylvania offers many land and water activities, including hiking, picnicking, fishing and boating. A universally accessible fishing pier, playground, boat launch, boat storage area, snack bar and store, visitor center and gift shop are available. A 20-station fitness trail and canoe and kayak rentals also are available.

6 a.m. - 8:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
5 a.m - 8:30 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.


Steph Y

Monday, Aug. 28, 2017

I enjoyed my time here. There's a fee to get in, but nothing too crazy. (can't remember how much I paid). We swam, we fished (well we tried to, but there were people riding on jet ski's that were scaring all the fish away) and we grilled. A nice place to have fun and relax for a day.

lauren leggett

Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017

I love Leesylvania. The water is gorgeous and the shaded paths nearby are nice to walk. The more open areas of the park are nice as well but I'm always drawn to the water.

Logan Kreider

Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017

A gem in Woodbridge, Va! This park has a great number of picnic areas and a great number of spots to enjoy! Check out the pier at the end of the park and the beach next to it!

Shahidul Islam

Thursday, Dec. 21, 2017

I enjoy the park very often for relaxation, kayaking, to ride jetski or spend time with Family and friends or to walk by the Potomac.

Darcy Sanders

Tuesday, Sep. 19, 2017

My boys love going here for Pokemon Go. I like it for walking by the water. There's a nice little shop down by the boats. Staff and volunteers are always nice.