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Norvin Green State Forest

Norvin Green State Forest
150 Snake Den Rd

The undisturbed forest and rugged terrain of Norvin Green offers sanctuary for birds and other wildlife. Part of the Wyanokie Wilderness Area, the forest is near Wanaque Reservoir and is home to an extensive trail system built from old logging roads. Several trails link up with public and private facilities, including the Weis Ecology Center and reservoir property. The existing trails, either old forest roads or new trails constructed by volunteers, are perfect for nature walks and other outdoor classroom activities. With hills ranging from 400 to 1,300 feet in elevation, Norvin Green provides the avid hiker with scenic vistas, including the New York skyline, Burnt Meadow Brook and Lake Sonoma. The property is accessible by foot only.

Facilities & Activities:

electric motors only
Winter sports:
ice fishing, cross-country skiing



A system of marked hiking trails are available for the public to explore. These trails offer visitors opportunities to hike interior woodlands and rocky vistas. There are no multi-use trails available in the park.

Please note that the trail difficulty ratings are opinion only. All trail mileages represent only the portion of the trail that passes through Norvin Green State Forest, and complete trail lengths could be longer. To avoid getting lost, a topographical trail map is highly recommended for navigation of the trails.


Hunting is permitted in designated areas within the park and is subject to Division of Fish and Wildlife regulations.

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