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Rolling Thunder Prairie State Reserve

Rolling Thunder Prairie State Reserve
22392 80th Ave

Rolling Thunder Prairie State Preserve is located in the Southern Iowa Drift Plain landform region and contains an undulating prairie landscape broken up by wooded ravines. A variety of plants grow on the preserve, including springtime blooms like hoary puccoon, golden alexanders and bird's-food violet. Summertime brings flowers like prairie inquefoil, leadplant and prairie coreopsis. Lastly, forbs like heath aster and showy goldenrod bloom in the prairie. Bird species frequently found on the preserve include bobolink and grasshopper sparrow and butterfly species include regal fritillary and wild indigo duskywing.

The Warren County Conservation Board bought the land in 1980 and became a biological state preserve in 1983 at the premier "Prairie Heritage Week."

Fees, permits, and reservations may apply.

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