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Island Lake Rd, Hurley, WI
Island Lake Hemlocks features one of the oldest and most intact old-growth hemlock-hardwood stands in northern Wisconsin. They are extremely rare o... Read More
Co Hwy G, Mercer, WI
Lake Evelyn is an undeveloped 55-acre soft-water seepage lake surrounded by wetlands and gently rolling uplands. While many of northern Wisconsin l... Read More
Moose Lake Rd, Mercer, WI
Moose Lake is an exceptional example of a large, undeveloped lake in a wilderness setting. The 270-acre soft water drainage lake has a maximum dept... Read More
Underwood Wildlife Area is a 1,602-acre property located in northeast Iron County. It was purchased by the Wisconsin Conservation Department (now t... Read More
Cedar Lake Cir, Mercer, WI
DuPage Lake Peatlands features a vast peatland complex just north of the Manitowish River. Open bog, muskeg, and black spruce swamp are the predomi... Read More
Adelaide Rd, Mercer, WI
About UsThe 3-acre Mary Lake is one of very few known meromictic lakes in Wisconsin. Meromixis, the permanent thermal stratification of the water, ... Read More
Bruette Rd, Mercer, WI
Catherine Lake Hemlock-Hardwoods features an extensive stand of mature, mesic forest on rolling moraine located on the east side of Catherine Lake.... Read More
WI-47, Mercer, WI
Frog Lake and Pines features an undisturbed wilderness lake surrounded by old-growth northern dry-mesic forest in a large lowland bordering the Man... Read More
1042 Cir Lilly Rd, Manitowish Waters, WI
Toy Lake Swamp is a large wetland complex of hardwood swamp, white cedar swamp, and alder thicket surrounding a basin containing a shallow, drained... Read More
Flowage Rd, Park Falls, WI
Undisturbed, wooded shorelines and islands offer the opportunity to boat, camp, fish and enjoy the outdoors in wild and rugged northern Wisconsin. ... Read More
Caroline Lake Rd, Mellen, WI
Caroline Lake is an undeveloped soft-water drainage lake and the headwaters of the Bad River, which eventually replenishes the water of the Nationa... Read More
Powell Road, Manitowish Waters, WI
Powell Marsh State Wildlife Area is approximately 4,303 acres located in Vilas County. Find it 3 miles south of Manitowish Waters and 10 miles nort... Read More
Springstead Lakes Rd, Park Falls, WI
Springstead Muskeg encompasses the northernmost portion of an extensive undisturbed bog complex stretching from Springstead Lake south to Newman La... Read More
Duck Lake Rd, Park Falls, WI
Situated within a landscape of gently rolling pitted outwash, Bass Lake Preserve contains a small, 15-acre, undeveloped soft-water seepage lake, wh... Read More
Forest Rd 514, Lac du Flambeau, WI
Headwater Lakes features two unique soft-water lakes, Wabasso Lake and Cedar Lake. Wabasso Lake is a 49-acre deep, seepage lake with a diverse and ... Read More
Keego Rd E,, Boulder Junction, WI
Rice Creek SNA features a two-mile stretch of creek surrounded by a large wetland complex of conifer swamp, boreal rich fen, sedge meadow, and nort... Read More
Amik Lake Ln, Park Falls, WI
Tucker Lake Hemlocks contains an old-growth hemlock and yellow birch forest located on Tucker Lake, a large, undeveloped soft-water drainage lake. ... Read More
E Bay Rd, Presque Isle, WI
Border Lakes, also known as the Catherine Wolter Wilderness Area, features a natural mosaic of forest habitats interspersed with 15 undeveloped lak... Read More
Forest Rd 144, Park Falls, WI
Doering Woods is a mature stand of hemlock-hardwoods which has a history of selective cutting throughout. Canopy dominants are hemlock, and yellow ... Read More
Fs916 Rd,, Lac du Flambeau, WI
Chippewa Trail features a mosaic of northern mesic, dry-mesic, wet-mesic and wet forest and open bog communities with small acid bog ponds. Overall... Read More
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